Friday, October 5, 2012

update on little ol me

Last post I made was made when I was in a state of anger. I felt so alone and so depressed that I think I posted when I should have not. Anyways I am not going to bother deleting that because in that moment I suppose it felt right. On another note, I am feeling quite great this week, I returned from a wonderful adventure out in the sea. I experienced snorkeling and believe it or not I felt like a little fish out in the sea. It is another world down there and hands down I must admit I really enjoyed it. I was scared at firsts considering I've never done that before and also I am not a great swimmer. Another thing I can finally check off my bucket list. For those who have not been on a cruise I highly recommend it. Being without technology is a refresher on its own.

I have been strongly considering learning cosmetology/ nail art. I think that it is something I can learn and do for a living. I love to write but who am I kidding, it would never pay the bills.  I will see what happens with that and go on from there. Of course I  think I have the attention span of a child so I might not even commit to the idea. But I am positive I will like this, it is different and I think it is something I should pursue.

Well I think that is it for now. I will definately be writting more often and hopefully I can gain some followers.